Fast and flexible, scheduled and recurring messages for Slack

Get more done and increase efficiency for your whole team by working truly asynchronously with scheduled messages.

Add to Slack

  • Send in Direct or Group Messages
  • Send in Channels
  • Send in Shared Channels
  • Schedule one time, recurring and complex recurring messages.

Free up your time and
spend it on the things that matter.

Works with your existing workflow and Slacks messaging without any changes to your team.

Schedule messages as easy
as /Schedule



Type your message as usual: /Schedule Hey Ben! Have you finished that report yet? 🙃


Enter a time

Enter any time you like, 15 minutes, 4 hours, 7 days...



Confirm your message and it's done! You can still view your scheduled messages, edit or delete them at any time.


Create recurring messages
with simple or complex schedules.

Use recurring messages to implement systems within your teams. Get updates, introduce accountability, and celebrate birthdays!

Automate anything that repeats with flexible recurring messages:

  • Send on specific days of the week - Happy Friday!
  • Send on specific calendar days such as the 1st and 15th to schedule a check in every 2 weeks
  • Limit to certain months of the year and celebrate birthdays and holidays! 🎉
  • Set an End date to stop repeating
  • And lots more...

$20/month per team with unlimited users

Start a 7 day free trial. Built by a remote team, saving hours of time every day!

Add to Slack

Unlimited Messages

Unlimited Recurring Messages

Unlimtied Users

Unlimited Followups

Schedule follow up messages
and automatically attach the relevant message.

Just like Slack's Share feature but now you can schedule them to send when you wish. Schedule your follow ups and never be late again!

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